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Why Mod mini Homes?

Modern Mini Homes utilizes industry specific information and trends to leverage strengths that include low carbon footprint design, diversity of technical and professional team and a partnership with an established non profit with an innovative program that assists disenfranchised citizens, veterans, and people seeking change in their circumstances and exposes these valuable individuals to professional development, positive mentorship, coaching, and convert them from being tenants to becoming property owners and entrepreneurs through becoming landlords.

Modern Mini Homes delivers more for less.

single family

Most “tiny homes” have limited insulation and space for adequate kitchen or bath, however as you can see Modern Mini Homes maximize space and our high fire rated, thermal and sound insulated wall, ceiling and floor systems provide an air tight space while minimizing costs to heat and cool in both our models priced from                  $20k – $45k.

               160 square foot (8×20) | 320 square foot (8×40)                  ULTRA EFFICIENT MODELS

Full Kitchen
Cut Kitchen1
Cut Kitchen2

small developments

Most small developments take over a year to plan and another to build, however our units can be installed in a fraction of the time.  Each single unit can be completely retrofitted in 1 week (not including utilities, structural and permitting)

$90-$135 per square foot]

Mt. Vernon4
Mt. Vernon3
Mt. Vernon5
Mt. Vernon2
Mt. Vernon1
Renton Renderings wcladding
Renton Renderings Skyview wcladding

Our solution

Modern Mini Homes (MMH) is a Washington State based socially minded manufacturer disrupting the housing sector, by delivering ultra efficient homes at an affordable price.   Led by a team of committed and community minded business leaders and industry specialists, MMH understands and appreciates the common challenges of community building without compromising economic development objectives.   MMH innovative design and construction technologies enable construction of a single family unit in one week, for a fraction of the price of conventional construction.  

TO SCHEDULE A TOUR TO VISIT OUR PROTOTYPE (pre MEP inspections) CALL 800.270.0724:

1944 Milwaukee Way

Tacoma, WA 98421 

To support this innovative community based solution, contribute to either crowd fund application “Indiegogo” or “GoFundMe” below.

Place an Order

Let Modern Mini Homes help accomplish your dreams and reduce the construction costs while assisting us accomplish our social objectives by training, housing and encouraging society’s most disenfranshised citizens. 

To secure a position on a single family or multi-family Modern Mini Home waiting list, simply communicate with our office and arrangements will be made for customization and delivery.

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